The main reason for the crop and the sweetness of grapes is The SUN! Taking this fact and scientific statement into account, we started to follow the road of vine which led us towards location with the best annual insolation. That is Negotinska Krajina, well-known for its fruit growth and grape sweetness. Apart from this we can add the specific wind resistance rose by the Danube and the proximity of the river that makes an amazing reflection of the Sun.

On the same place where it is planned to construct this solar power plant, in the forties and fifties of the last century spread an old vineyard with a record yield of grapes and chunks of up to 4kg. Due to erosion that changed the structure of the land, this is now inadequate clayey soil for the restoration of vineyards.

Long time ago great ocean liners sailed on the Danube and bought all the quantities of wine and grapes which was considered to be the best. Even the widely known and autochthonous French and Italian grape varieties gave better yield and sweetness here than in the place of their geographical origin.